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Stoccata Presents - The 2nd Australasian Western Martial Arts Conference

The Stoccata School of Defence is proud to announce

The 2nd Australasian Western Martial Arts Convention

What is this thing?

3 days of workshops, lectures, sparring, and more with accommodation and meals all at the same location covering multiple traditions of Western Martial Arts.

Workshops and presentations will be on offer from Australian Instructors and also...
our special mystery guest who will be announced closer to the event.

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The Stoccata School of Defence is a modern school of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) (also called Western Martial Arts (WMA) or Historical European Swordsmanship (HES), that teaches systems of self-defence described in texts written between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries.

These systems were designed explicitly for dealing with life-and-death situations, and they are taught as a martial art, not as re-enactment, sport-fencing, or theatrical stage-fighting (although many students do engage in these activities as well). However, given that no modern person will ever be in a real sword fight, our emphasis is on safety, control, competence, and skill.

We offer regular courses of instruction in a variety of different weapons and historical styles. These are appropriate for anyone of reasonable physical fitness over the age of 12. See “Styles” for details


Monday nights at 7:00


Wednesday nights at 6:30


Wednesday nights at 7:30


Saturday afternoon at 3:00


Thursday nights at 6pm


Thursday nights at 8:00


Monday nights at 6:30


Tuesday nights at 7:30