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Stoccata School of Defence

The Stoccata School of Defence is based in Australia, with two schools in Sydney and one in Hobart, and is dedicated to the study of European swordsmanship. The school formally opened in 1998, based on teaching and research going back a further twelve years. Since then, Stoccata has been a world leader in delivering the fruits of research into historical swordplay, both through published work and delivery of classes and seminars around the world.

We use replicas of historical weapons and teach systems, principles and techniques drawn from texts on the subject of fencing written between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries.

We offer regular courses of instruction in single sword (in various styles, mostly English), and German Long Sword. Various other weapons and systems are offered from time to time, including Sword and buckler, Sword and Shield, Italian Rapier, English Long Sword, Highland Broadsword, and Quarterstaff. See each school's class listing for details.

Private lessons and seminars are available from the school's instructors.

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