Monday 6:30-8:30


Milton Hall 11 Frederick St Launceston *Entry through side door between City Baptist Church and Milton Hall.

Milton Hall is on Frederick Street between Charles and St. John Streets, facing Prince’s Square. There is plenty of parking on Frederick Street, on both sides.

There is also some free parking behind the church via a lane off St. John’s Street. There is wheelchair access from Frederick Street via the walkway between the church and hall.

Classes will be run in Single Sword according to George Silver (1599) with elements of Zach Wylde's (1711) broadsword and unarmed system. Also, joint-locking and dagger according to Fiore de Liberi.


Matthew Boyd
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Set up by Stoccata founding instructor Stephen Hand in 2004, Stoccata Hobart teaches a range of historical fencing styles. Everyone trains initially in the core weapon, English basket hilted sword according to the system of late 16th/early 17th century author George Silver. Students then branch out into different weapons depending on their strengths and inclinations. Other systems taught include rapier (several systems, primarily Swetnam, Saviolo and Giganti), sword and shield according to Talhoffer and other sources, sword and buckler according to MS I.33 and military sabre according mainly to Matthewson. 

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