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142 Katoomba St, Katoomba, NSW

Mondays - 7.30pm - 9.30pm


Highland Broadsword + Singlestick


Regular - $150 per Term (Each Term is 10 weeks)

Casual - $30 or at Pro-rata (Talk to Simon White)

A one off membership fee of $40 will be levied after April this year in addition to the regular tuition costs per Term - this Fee validates students across all branches of Stoccata, and is not just limited to their local branch.

What We Do

The main focus of study for Stoccata Blue Mountains, Katoomba branch, is the basket hilt Highland Broadsword. Although this weapon is most commonly associated with Scottish Clans of the period involving the Jacobite rebellion of 1745, the Basket Hilt sword was carried and used by both English soldiers and Scottish Clans. The Basket Hilt itself is a British weapon and many commonalities are found between both English fencing treatises and Scottish, wherein are discovered some cultural differences and nuance given to geographical isolation, fashion and the passage of time.

For our main sources we look to Thomas Page's ' treatise (1746) and the Regimental Highland Broadsword system of Henry Angelo (1799). Whilst these sources comprise the framework of our study, we draw from many other contemporary British sources in order to synthesize and extrapolate the greater body of Basket Hilt Broadsword fencing. The traditional training weapon for the Broadsword and Backsword was the Singlestick or Cudgel, which in the 16th Century was called a 'Waster'. A Waster was simply a wooden training weapon for the sword, very commonly made of Ash wood, to which was affixed a wicker basket in order to protect the hand. During the 16th-18th Centuries, Singlestick and Cudgel play became a popular sport in its own right and was practiced allover of Britain at County fairs and was weekly played on the Village Greens of country towns far and wide.

Singlestick is a legitimate training tool for Broadsword, Backsword and Sabre fencing and is in itself a weapon system that lends itself to fighting with a Cane as became the fashion in 19th Century England and France. We will be studying Highland Broadsword, British Singlestick and the Cane fighting system (La Canne) of 19th Century French Master, Leboucher. This book-ending of a Scottish Highland system of fencing and a French system of Cane Fighting gives a pedagogical nod to that Auld Alliance of nations, France and Scotland, which is fleshed out with the core British system of Backsword fencing that forged an Empire.

In future Terms we will also be practicing McBane's Scottish Smallsword and 19th Century British Sabre.

In our Monday class we place a strong focus on fitness, footwork and the subtle body mechanics vital to developing high level fencing.

2015 Dates

Term 3: 13 July - 14 September

Term 4: 5 October - 7 December

Contact Simon White for more information or to book into the class.

PH: 0415 352 522

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Simon White.


Faulconbridge Community Center

9-9a Home St, Faulconbridge, NSW.

Tuesdays - 7.30pm - 9.30pm - 

Schedule - English Shortsword according to George Silver 

Cost regular - $150 per Term (Each Term is 10 weeks) 

Cost casual - $30 or at Pro-rata (Talk to Peter Radvan)

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