Stoccata Coruscant proudly presents a rare collection of manuals on the art of the Lightsabre, from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....

O F T H E F O R C E,

Wherein is proved the truth
of the Dark Side of the Force, and that in the Fight with Light
Sabre, that the Red blade hath advantage of other colours.
And the weakenesse and imperfection of the Jedi displayed.

by Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith.

The Epistile Dedicatorie.

To the right honorable, my singular good lord, Palpatine, Darth Sidius, High Chancellor, Emperor of the Galaxy, Lord of the Sith.

Lightsabres (Right honorable) in this new fangled age, is like our fashions, every day a change, resembling the Bothan Spy, who altereth himself into all colours save white: so Lightsabres changeth into all colours save the right.

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The Lightsaber Practice of Obi Wan Kenobi

LUKE. Having long and greatly desired (my deare friend Obi Wan) to learne this noble science, and especially of you, who did put the first Lightsaber into my hands: wherefore (seeing so good opportunitie is so fitly presented, being ensnared on this Millenium Falcon with little else for diversion) I could wishe that we might spend this time at some discourse concerning the Arte of the Lightsabre, to the end that I might thereby, both the better retain that which I have already learned, and also add some new lesson thereunto.

BEN. Certes (my loving friend Luke) as well for that I have found you to be a man of a noble spirite, as in regard of the great love which I bear unto you, as also to the end that hereafter when time shall serve, you may be better known as a Jedi, I am content to yield unto your request, and therefore demand boldy any thing wherein you desire to be resolved.

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Five Rings
Around a Gas Giant
A Book Of

By Yoda


I have been many years training in the Way of the Jedi, and now I think I will explain it in writing for the first time. I have returned to Dagobah to study the Force. I am a Jedi Master, age nine hundred years.

From youth my heart has been inclined toward the Way of the Jedi. My first duel was when I was thirteen, I struck down a Sith, one Darth Khee. When I was sixteen I struck down an able Sith, Darth Tada Yama. When I was twenty-one I went up to the Coruscant and met all manner of Jedi, never once failing to win in many contests.

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Dooku's New Short and Easy Method of Lightsaber.

To the Right Honourable
Great member of the Jedi Council,
and Lightsaber Master of the Jedi Temple.


HAVING of late discovered the Short and Easy Method of Lightsaber, contained in the following sheets, and which I am perswaded, will be found by practice, to be as useful as it is New; I was not long a making choice of your Lordship, as the person to whom I ought in Justice to offer it.

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Darth Sidius

The Schoole of the Ignoble and Unworthy Science of the Lightsaber

This first Chapter sheweth principall notes and worthy obseruations.

Because old lightsabers lyeth rusty in a corner, and every man is desirous of the newest fashion of blasters, especially if they seem to be of more danger to the enemy then the old, therfore it is my intent & purpose at this time to expresse and set downe the true play of the lightsaber, for I hold that the skill of this weapon is chiefly and necessary of every Sith to be learned, for to have the use of a lightsaber, for he which have the skill of this weapon may safely encounter against any many having any other weapon whatsoever as hereafter you shall be sufficiently satisfied.

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