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The Real George Silver

According to Aylward, George Silver was descended from Sir Bartholomew Silver, knighted by Edward II. His family seat was at Ropley in Hampshire. He was the eldest of four brothers, Toby, Roger, and Peter, and probably born between 1555 and 1560, as in 1580 he was married in London. In August 1604 he Silver was named in a Letter Patent issued by King James, and seems to have lived to become an elderly country gent, as Cooke, Clarenceux King-of-Arms, confirmed his pedigree in his Visitation of Hampshire in 1622, when Silver must have been at least 70 years of age.1

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Some Reflections On teaching HEMA to Kids

I have been running a Kids sword class at an independent High School for the last 12 years. We called it “Smite Club”. Due to reasons, it has now come to an end – at least temporarily – but I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on what I have learned from the experience.

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Dussack Trainers

In this blog post, we have a review of dussack trainers in general with a particular focus on the trainers sold via the Adelaide Sword Academy. (Buy them. They're good). 

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Dussack Review


Provocations in Bolognese Swordsmanship

Provost Richard Cullinan has delved deep into the mystery that is provocations in Bolognese Swordsmanship, one of the cornerstones of the system.

Using a very simple instruction from Manciolino's Opera Nova, we will delve deep into Bolognese provocations, how they are used and the actions you need to consider when employing them.

You can find the full post over on Richard's personal blog...

2nd Australasian WMA Conference

Thanks to everyone involved in the WMA conference over the June long weekend. Thanks to the organisers, your hard work made this a fantastic event and thanks also to the participants, particularly those who came from interstate. 

It was a fantastic weekend and we are lookign forward to doing it again in 2018.

We will publish more on the blog and youtube channel over the next few weeks.

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