In the original 16th century Guild of Masters of Defence, Ushers were senior students who assisted the Masters and Provosts to run classes. In Stoccata they fulfil the same role. Most Ushers will be in training to become Provosts

Joseph Gora began classical French fencing at the age of thirteen before making the transition to historical swordsmanship in 2004 when Stoccata opened a branch in Hobart, Tasmania. 

He was involved in the Medieval Society of Tasmania for many years in the 1990s and began collecting historical fencing manuals at this time. Joseph taught classical French foil both privately and at the University of Tasmania Fencing Club but became disillusioned with the move away from the classical approach and the reinterpretation of ‘right of way’ in the modern sport.

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Matthew's journey towards the study of European Martial Arts started with Tunnels of Doom- a game on the Texas Instruments TI99/4A, a replica sword and war-gaming miniatures given to him on his 12th birthday. This grew a life-long interest in historical arms and armour, sci-fi, fantasy and historical novels.

Matthew's interest in sports (particularly Rugby Union) and field athletics led him to study a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education degree at the University of Wollongong (1998). During this course he studied dance and gymnastics- which was of great benefit when he began studying Hapkido in 1997 (2nd Dan) and later, Chonjo (4th Dan), under Korean Master Jinho Guahk. He has been the Tasmanian Head Instructor for Chonjo since 2004.

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